For suppliers

Cogent – Solutions is a single value company and the value is to be Cogent.

We base our long-term strategy on current fast development of robotics and artificial intelligence. Our part of the equation is to provide information from different contact groups we work to develop markets with.

As our suppliers develop even more advanced solutions to our end-customers it brings the need for more skilful operators within our end-customers’ staff. We are continuously providing information and training with our suppliers for our end-customers and distribution network.

As operation we provide information from our customers to our suppliers so they are able to provide the most suitable solution with best available knowledge for each operation our end-customers have. In return the method provides a possibility for better research and development operations for our suppliers.


This all means that we ask following from our suppliers:

  • Product and operation method development
  • Training for product range and solutions
  • Technical support on case basis as needed
    • In occasions that we are not familiar or we are uncertain of
  • High-quality products and operation methods
  • Competitive pricing with life cycle cost evaluation

And what we provide in return:

  • Requirement information for research and development
  • Information database
  • Distribution networks
    • Retailers
    • Wholesalers
  • Visibility in the markets
  • Rental services
  • End-customer sales


If you are interested in starting cooperation with us, please feel free to contact us:

Henri Memonen